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Posts Tagged ‘Vitamin D’

Vitamin D–Are Your Children (or You) Getting Enough?

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is getting a lot of attention in the health headlines lately. While it is most well known for its role in bone health and calcium absorption, it seems that new research is continually uncovering other links between this vitamin and a variety of health conditions. This can raise the question of whether it is necessary to supplement with Vitamin D, and if so, how much? Too much can be toxic, so is it really safe to give this to your child without knowing their levels? Read the rest of this entry »

Five common nutrient deficiencies in infants and young children.

Infant formulas and many first foods, such as infant cereal, are fortified with a number of vitamins and minerals, but what if you choose not to incorporate these foods into your baby's diet? Is there another way to ensure that your child is getting adequate nutrition? At what point should your child be tested for deficiencies? These are good questions. Hopefully the following information will provide useful suggestions and guidelines to help keep your baby or young child as healthy as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun Safety for your Children

Many parents question the use of chemical-laden sunscreens on their infants and young children. Even though sunscreens formulated for infants are technically "safe" to use, they may not be the most desirable option. Up until a few years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended against the use of any sunscreen on infants under 6 months of age due to unknown safety risks. They revised their statement in 2004, since damage from sunburn can certainly outweigh the risks of using small amounts of sunscreen when shade or protective clothing is unavailable. As a Naturopath, my advice to parents of young infants and children is to avoid the use of sunscreen and instead, make sure their child is wearing light weight protective clothing and a sunhat to avoid sunburn. Young infants should also be kept out of the heat since they are more susceptible to heat stroke due to their inability to regulate body temperature effectively. Read the rest of this entry »
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