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Natural Treatments for Children with Anxiety.

Anxiety is becoming more prevalent in our children. There are several reasons for this, including faster paced lifestyles, busy schedules, and lack of good health habits, such as a healthy diet, exercise, and good sleep. While temperament can play a role and predispose certain children to developing an anxiety disorder, lifestyle factors may have a larger influence, meaning most anxiety disorders can be treated successfully without medications. It is important to understand that anxiety in children can present in many different ways. It can range from extreme shyness, to aggressive behavior. It can manifest as physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches, and even asthma. Children with anxiety may have difficulty sleeping due to worry, or they may have anxiety because they aren't getting enough sleep to begin with. Untreated anxiety can lead to severe consequences, such as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and may also be associated with other mental health disorders. Anxiety disorders an estimated 13% of children ages 9-17 and are becoming almost as prevalent in younger children as well. If you suspect your child suffers from anxiety, you should discuss the issue with his or her healthcare provider. You may also request the assistance of the school counselor or psychologist in having your child properly evaluated and diagnosed. If you know your child suffers from anxiety, here are a few Natural things to try: Read the rest of this entry »

Six Natural Treatments for Eczema

Stubborn eczema can be one of the most frustrating conditions for both parents and young children. Depending on the severity of this skin disorder, it can impact both social interactions and self esteem of those afflicted, not to mention the risk of secondary skin infections, such as methicillin resistant Stapholococcus aureus (MRSA). Conventional treatments include medicated creams and over the counter moisturizers, and for some children, the treatments offered may cause undesirable side effects or may not be 100% effective. Even though eczema is a condition many children outgrow, there is no reason why parents should not expect a treatment plan that decreases the severity of the symptoms without posing any other risks to the child's health. Here are six Natural Treatments for Eczema that are safe and effective: Read the rest of this entry »

Can Bad Behavior be Caused by a Healthy Diet?

Most of us have heard that restricting sugar can affect how a child behaves. Refined sugar and junk foods high in simple carbohydrates are known to cause sugar rushes and crashes (often playing out as hyperactivity followed by disagreeability in children). We also know that certain chemicals can directly impact brain chemistry--caffeine is an example of a stimulant that can cause jitters, anxiety, hyperactivity and insomnia. Processed foods, refined sugar, and artificial ingredients are often identified as problem foods, but what about foods we think of as healthy? Read the rest of this entry »
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